Buy INFOsearch Program Version 4.30 ($29.95)
The INFOsearch program is free with any purchase of product. However, if you have an older windows version (4.0X through 4.2X) and you wish to upgrade, the price is $29.95

The features in version 4.30 are:

  1. Automatically Exports & Re-Imports anything you have added or changed! The new (simpler) installation program now interacts directly with ISW Pro to provide you with a worry-free reinstallation process! You just click a button!
  2. Single Password for QS. No need to enter a password for each INFObase. Just enter one, select drive and click twice.
  3. New QS Method. You can choose between the old method or see everything being added with the new (less restricted) method.
  4. Screen-Saver Turn Off. ISW Pro will sense if you have a screen saver running, notify you then turn if off for you
  5. Automatic Backup with INFOzip This wonderful new utility is tightly integrated with ISW Pro and does its thing before QSs, imports and whenever you want. No more complicated decisions to make, just click and you are safely backed up to a Zip drive, hard drive or floppy drive.
  6. Selectively Export any of your INFObases to ASCII files. Lots of options to narrow your selections. Great to file away your own material in text form.
  7. Improved QS Search features. View a specific QS range (e.g. 1998.1) Fixes a bug in this. New INFObase.
  8. Create up to 30 INFObases and simultaneously open 20 of them. They now automatically open for you (no need to exit and rerun).
  9. Bypass Hits Screen Option. Go directly from Search to Display screens. Control this via Config|General.
  10. New Options on Hits Screen. Source of unit and date last used are displayed. Plus, you can tag, untag, or toggle every hit for every INFObase right on this screen.
  11. Configuration Screens. Lots of new options here. Too many to list.
  12. Status Screen. Improved look and more details for each unit. You can see where the unit came from and what has been changed.
  13. Year 2000 Compatible. We always stored dates in y2k compatible format but didn’t always display them that way. Now we do, so you’re safe with this version.
  14. New Shortcut Keys and Toolbar buttons. e.g. right mouse click Titles or Topics button and see Title Words or Topic words immediately.
  15. Control Fonts, Colors and Styles for all the major windows. Choose to fit your taste or reset to restore the defaults.
  16. Maximum Unit Size Increased 300%. You can now get up to 10 pages of full text in each unit. If you need more, call us about a hidden feature.
  17. New Word-Processing Control. No more DLL version conflicts with TX VBXs. We now use a brand new set of routines.
  18. Find/Replace. Find or Replace anything in any Display windows. Just like your favorite word processor.
  19. Tip of the Day provides concise suggestions for how to get the most out of INFOsearch Pro.
  20. New Print Options. Select any combination of Titles, Words, Topics, Scripture and Usage.
  21. Resize Search and Display Window panels so you can see longer topics or larger titles.
  22. Scrub your text! Use this to normalize the format of your text. e.g. standardize indents, blank lines, capitalization etc. Great for material you add, import or paste from the Web.
  23. Control Tabs Format. Select how many unique characters to display on the Tabs for Search, Hits and Display.
  24. Notification of Damaged INFObase. A ‘best-effort’ is made to determine if an INFObase has been damaged (usually by premature rebooting).
  25. Runs under Win 95,95,NT,ME,2000 and XP
  26. ... and many, many internal changes that you can’t see!


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