It takes less than a minute to take a backup with the new INFOsearch backup called INFOzip. Below are the instructions to take a backup.
The first thing you need to do is open INFOsearch. Once INFOsearch is open you will need to select FILE on the menu bar. see below

wpeE.gif (23866 bytes)

Once you have selected FILE on the menu bar, you will need to select the options that says BACKUP (see above). As soon as you select the BACKUP option, it will open INFOzip. see below

wpeF.gif (21899 bytes)

We will only be dealing with the section in red. Notice were it says "Choose ISW" just to the right of that, it says "ALL BASES" click on that little arrow to the right and it will show you all the databases that you can backup within INFOsearch. If you just want to backup you new personal database, just select the name of your database. If you want to backup all of your databases select the option that says "ALL BASES". Once you have selected the database(s) that you want click on the BACKUP button. It will only take a few seconds to backup each database. Once the backup has completed, you will see this message. see below

wpe10.gif (3928 bytes)

Hit the OK button and the backup screen will disappear. Now you are back in the INFOsearch search screen and you are ready to start your searching.